Business owner takes on condemned building in Mechanicsburg

April 17, 2014 3:15 pm  •  

MECHANICSBURG — When Sandra Huffman was in high school, her teacher sent her home with a family tree project.

After taking a look at her family tree, Huffman discovered that no one knew where one of her family members had gone.

“I asked my mother about it and she pulled out this piece of paper that my grandfather had drawn, and it was my family tree,” she said. “Back a couple of generations, I’m reading back and it says Amos, and all it said underneath was went west. There was never any record of him, so I kind of became a little fixated on it. So I always said if I had a business, I was going to name it after him to keep his memory alive.”

When she opened her store in downtown Mechanicsburg last October, the name, Amos Went West, was a simple choice. The store, at 71A W. Main St., has gifts, crafts and antiques, but she also offers heritage services so people can find out more about their own family trees.

Opening Day Jitters...

As I sit here on the last Friday afternoon before the shop opens next Wednesday, I feel a lot of jitters at having my dream come true.  I push through those thoughts and try to remember all that I've accomplished in the last few weeks...which helps.  And, while this post is short and simple, it is my hope that you will be able to follow my progress here in the days, weeks, years to come! The countdown begins...